Restoration of Bio-Balance in the world – the most important global challenge

  • žThe biosphere of our planet is not only a source of our resources, but first of all is the fundamental basis of life on the planet, without which the functioning of our social and economic system is impossible.

  • žUnfortunately, the current consumption of human resources exceeds at 1.5 times the possibility of planet to generate these resources. This adversely affects the ability of the biosphere to maintain acceptable conditions for human life on Earth.

Card of Environmental Debtor

  • žThe impressive successes of Italy’s economy have their price: a violation of the biological balance and going beyond the biological capacity of the country.

  • žAs of 2008, the deficit of biocapacity of Italy makes — 202,4 million gha.

  • žžThis means that the sum of the annual ecological debt of Italy for the «lease» of biological resources belonging to future generations is — $ 30,3 billion

  • žCitizens of Italy, convince your government to take seriously their ecological debt and the problems of restoration of biological balance on the planet for future generations of your country and the world.

  • But if your government is indifferent to the fate of future generations, then please take care yourself to pay this debt — it will be just over $ 507 a year to every citizen of Italy. 

Alternative? Reduction of population!

Exists only one reasonable alternative at the economic model with the collection of rent for excessive Ecological Footprint of consumption: reducing the population of any country to a level at which the total Ecological Footprint will not exceed the Biocapacity of the ecosystems of the country.

In this case possessing a Biocapacity of 69 million gha, and the Ecological Footprint (consumption) of each resident – 4,5 gha/person, in Italy can live in harmony and balance with Nature, not more than 15 million people. What to do with the other 45 million people do not secured by the bio-productive land to survive?

So, what chooses Italy and its citizens in order to preserve
the bio-balance, and hence life on the planet?

Annual payments of $30,3 billion,
or reducing the population by 45 million people!?

*   *   *ž

Of course, there is a third option: DO NOTHING and get ready for the upcoming very soon, regional and world wars for the possession of the last remnants of the natural resources of the planet. žIn this case, 45 million «superfluous men» are very useful to Italy as «cannon fodder» in the bloody wars to seize other people’s bioproductive land, water and other natural resources.

If you’re ready to future suffering and hardship, then WE DO NOTHING,
just watch how our world will crumble …

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